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Terms and conditions

Aside from doing all we can to deliver a top quality service to our customers, we really put a lot of focus on being flexible towards them in every aspect of our business but for those cases where our willingness to be flexible is not enough, these are our terms and conditions.


There are a number of ways a customer can pay for the trip but normally it‘s paid in full at the time of booking. This is usually done from our website but this is however something that can in some cases be negotiable and it‘s best to do so by email ( but we always require full payment before departure.

Planning the trip
We always recommend people to contact us through email before, during or after booking a tour with us so we can do our best to meet the customer‘s requirements or hopes for the trip. If we will not hear from the customer before the trip we assume that the time of departure will be as we recommend on our website and that the customer does not have any special requirements.


Cancellation and refunds
All cancellations must be sent to us in writing through our email If a tour gets cancelled by a customer more than 2 weeks before the tour is scheduled to start, we will refund the fee 100%. If the customer cancels at least 48 hours before departure, 90% of the fee will be refunded. If it‘ll be cancelled within 48 hours of departure, the trip will not be refunded. If the trip includes any activities provided by a third party (our partner), that part of the fee will be refunded according to our partner‘s terms and conditions and if we have already paid for some of that service and we will not get a refund, our customer is liable to pay for that loss.

For northern light trips, we will only depart if forecasts and conditions show that it‘s likely to see some northern lights and ultimately it's always going to be the clients decision whether we go out or not. If the first try will not be successful, the customer will get another try for half the price as soon as the conditions are favorable for seeing northern lights again. If however the conditions will not be favorable the whole time that the customer is visiting Iceland and we will not depart once, the fee will be fully refunded. For these reasons we highly recommend that people get in contact with us before booking a northern lights tour.

We reserve the rights to cancel or change trips if it‘s absolutely necessary. The reason could be for example weather conditions, equipment malfunction, natural hazards or similar events. This will of course be avoided if possible and if this happens, we will of course refund fully or try to compensate in some way, if possible.


Liability and responsibility
We always do everything in our power to ensure that all travel- and service arrangements will be met and provided as agreed and we put great emphasis on keeping our customers save and well but we are not responsible or liable for any kind of personal injury, death, inconvenience, property damage or any other direct or indirect loss or damage which may occur during our trips because of other people‘s (other than employees or agents of Viking Trips) reckless or dangerous behavior, mechanical breakdown, failure or negligence on the behalf of any of our customers or any of our service providers, cancellation or any other changes made to flight or other travel arrangements. We also cannot be liable for theft, accidents or any forces of nature (such as weather or natural disaster), government action, strikes, acts of god or any other events that are beyond our control. We recommend that our customers will obtain the appropriate and sufficient insurance for each sector of the vacation or travel.


None of the personal information our buyers provide while purchasing one of our trips, will be made available to anyone else.

Viking Trips only operates in Iceland and therefor we only answer to Icelandic laws, rules and regulations. Any matter regarding these terms and conditions will only be resolved in Icelandic courts.

Terms and conditions

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